Solar Electric Systems


This is the most common because it provides the highest return on investment. Many installers only offer this option. 

Grid-Tied Battery Backup

This system is Grid-Tied with the additional security of a battery backup in case of a power outage.

We also offer an AC Coupled conversion. This is an upgrade from an installed grid-tied system to a battery backup system.

If you currently have a generator backup system, we can reduce or eliminate run time of your generator with a battery backup system. This will reduce your generator's fuel consumption and maintenance as well as providing you with "silent" backup power.

Battery backup.png


This system provides power at any location even where utility power is not available. Great for remote cabins or even a Bob-house.

Off Grid.png

Solar Thermal Systems

These systems provide domestic hot water needs for your household. If you have a boiler, this system will eliminate the cost and inefficiencies due to it running through the summer months, for the sole purpose of heating your domestic hot water.