Grid-tied battery backup system:
Provides security during a power outage




November 2012


Rick MacMillan
Cayer Brothers

What we’ve accomplished:


1. Goal

The goal of this project was to cut electricity costs and also create seamless backup power for security against power outages. 


2. Process

We installed a 6.12 KW Solarworld (USA) Grid-Tied Battery Backup PV System and 30 Evacuated Tube Domestic Hot Water System in order to create the best system possible to achieve the project goal. 


3. Results

Energy need met: 50% to 74% of electricity
Gross Cost of System: $33,000
Value of Rebates: $3,750
Value of Tax Credits: $9,900
Net Cost of System: $19,350
Annual Savings: $2,000
ROI: 10.3%