Solar gives you security against rate hikes

The most recent PSNH increase was 4.7%. In 2008 PSNH increased rates 12.5%. Over the 5 year period from 2004 to 2009 the PSNH increase was 23%. The inflation rate for the 20 year period from December 1993 to December 2013 was 59.84 %

It is a great investment in your property

Hopkinton and many NH towns have a tax exemption for solar. This will increase your equity, but exempt you from paying taxes on that increased property value. Houses with solar are in higher demand and have been estimated to sell in half the time as a house without solar. 

It’s great for the environment

842 KWH/Month purchased from PSNH equates to 7.58 tons of CO2 added to our atmosphere. By going solar you will eliminate this year after year helping work towards the goal of getting the current 400ppm of CO2 to the 350 PPM that the planet needs to stop the climate change.